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Risks and Commissions

Understanding and accepting the various risks is essential for market participation in the international commodity exchanges. The risks arise to a large extent from the fact that on the commodity exchanges the commodities themselves are traded on the basis of futures contracts or options. Options on such are traded. These derivatives have a leverage effect; accordingly, a defined, high quantity (contract size) of the underlying commodity can be moved with a relatively small capital investment.
The risks are counterbalanced by the potential returns. The higher the return potential, the higher the risks. Commodity derivatives also allow capital gains on falling commodity prices.
The options contracts (long calls / long puts) brokered by LVAM are not subject to any margin calls. When trading in futures contracts, the risk is in principle unlimited, and the possibility of a margin call cannot be ruled out.
Options and futures are among the riskiest financial instruments within the investment pyramid. We know the market risks and advise our customers openly and transparently. Therefore, let our customer advisors inform you. They will inform you about profit opportunities, risks and the amount and significance of transaction costs (commissions).
Under no circumstances should this information be construed as legal, tax or securities advice. All data is for personal use only. When compiling the data and reproducing information, LV Asset Management AG proceeds with the greatest possible care, but points out that all statements and information made are completely non-binding and without guarantee.
The information presented in no way represents a recommendation, an offer or an invitation to purchase financial products or an invitation to make such an offer. Potential investors should independently check and assess the information available and have the chances of profit of their investment checked by a neutral body – such as the house bank.
Options and futures are complex investment instruments that typically involve a high degree of risk and are only suitable for investors who understand and accept the risk involved. The detailed conditions can be seen in the account opening application. The option speculations brokered by LV Asset Management AG include a maximum risk of loss of 100 percent of the invested capital; an obligation to make additional payments is excluded. The futures speculation brokered by LV Asset Management AG involves an unlimited risk of loss; an obligation to make additional payments is not excluded.
LV Asset Management AG assumes no liability whatsoever for losses resulting from trust in the data and information published here.

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